Saturday, January 24, 2009

Had a Creative Moment: Short Story: "The Hairless Frog"

Once upon a time there was a frog, who lived in a town where everyone has mounts and mounts of beautiful hair. Hair that flowed into the rivers, hair that wrapped around the trees and shined in the light of the sun, but among all of them there was one frog, who didn't have any hair. He was an outcast and didn't get involved in the town meetings or activities, such as meeting for new ways to style your hair and an activity to learn how to color ones hair. He would sit by the lake, stare at his reflection and wonder why he had to be different.

Then one day a stranger came by and offered him the magnificent wig. He was more than thrilled and wanted to belong so bad that he said he would do anything to have it! The stranger grinned and handed it to the frog. He asked the stranger what they wanted in return. The stranger simply answered, you will see in time. The frog was confused by his response but put on the wig and ran into town hopping and singing all the way!

There everyone stared in awe of his wonderful flowing hair. They decided to have a parade in his honor! The frog leaped with joy and went out to the salon and spend all his savings on looking his very best for the event! There he saw the stranger again, this time he offered him a bottle of shine for his hair, he told the frog his hair would shine like the sun. Of course the frog wanted this bottle so he asked what he wanted of him.

The stranger said, nothing at all, seeing you at the parade with my reward. The frog was so happy to find such a wonderful stranger to make all his dreams come true. The day of the parade everyone was in place ready to go, with are dear friend the frog on the biggest float, going first. The parade started and his hair was shining so beautifully, everyone stared in awe, mesmerized by his beauty.

While the town looked at him, the stranger came by to each frog, unnoticed and clipped their hair short. The frog was too busy to notice, and by the time he snapped out of the admiration the stranger had disappeared. The town was outraged and their tears filled up another lake beside them. The frog knowing he had done wrong trusting the stranger, decided to cut his hair as well. Now he was just like everyone else, and he learned the error of his ways.

The End!

( I just made this up spur of the moment, do you like it?)

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